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From the beautiful Island of Bali

Taxi Drivers: Dogs Dinner story #1.

I am from UK initially but have lived in SE Asia for most of my adult life.
Currently in Bali for the last 6 years.
So i conduct an experiment acting as a tourist who knows nuts about the island.
I decide to go to my dentist in Kuta for teeth whitening so I catch a taxi from Seminyak, and give the destination address pretending to not understand where i am or the direction we should go.

it took the taxi about 1 hour with no traffic. He went in circles. The normal time should be about 15 to 20 minutes.

I have done this many times over several years. So far 70% of the time the taxi driver takes advantage of my 'ignorance' and follows a long, long route to the destination simply to maximize the meter price OR he tries to nego an exorbitant upfront price.

Now, when i traveled to Australia for the first time.. i really WAS the ignorant tourist and found out from close friends who live there, that my taxi driver had also taken advantage of me and followed a LONG route to my destination.. Damn!

My question to my travel readers is .. Does this happen in the country you are in now?

Please get back to me about your own experiences... and if i get enough data I’ll make a worldwide report from cities all across the globe.

LOOK ... i'll even give all contributors of 'Taxi, Dogs Dinner' stories or facts, a great Bali TIP (something useful for both men and women)..

This tip is valuable to MEN, since the info will really impress and put you in good standing with your other half. And for WOMEN... you will just enjoy it to the MAX...

So shove in a comment below giving your email address for me to message you how to contribute your dogs dinner facts / info then i will send you the best Bali Women’s TIP.

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